Take your team’s professional development to the next level
with Participate communities.

Create a community

Connect your school, district or organization and enhance professional learning. Take and review courses, discuss and exchange resources as you grow together. Join communities of practice to collaborate with educators all over the world on shared topics of interest, causes and passions. Learn alongside your peers in a way you haven’t before.

A graphic demonstrating the edtech4good course.

What is a community?

On the Participate edtech platform, communities are spaces for schools, associations and institutions to come together, communicate and learn. In their own designated community, members can pursue, share and nurture their professional development (PD) in one space. On a broader scale, communities of practice are open spaces in which groups of like-minded people collaborate, exchange ideas and enrich one another.

Community features

Professional development for teachers

  • Design and administer courses
  • Complete one of our own to further develop your team’s skills
  • Assess and improve performance through our unique expert peer review system

Curated teaching resources

  • Browse thousands of resources by topic, grade level or standard to introduce into your classroom
  • Share collections of your favorite strategies, activities and content ideas with other educators around the globe

Educational chats

  • Host and join Twitter chats on a variety of topics, from edtech integrations to developing your professional learning network (PLN)
  • Brainstorm ways to integrate technology into learning, develop your own professional learning network (PLN) and explore collaborative PD possibilities.

Engaging discussions

  • Initiate a discussion or continue the conversation via these ed forums
  • Expand upon concepts, pose questions and gather resources with your peers
  • Recommend and upvote the comments, inquiries and content
Tablet view of a Participate community for teacher professional development.

Digital badges

  • Issue and receive recognition for completed coursework and mastered skills through badging
  • Develop microcredentials specific to the courses you’ve created to reflect your community’s accomplishments

Active reporting

  • Track teachers’ professional development progress
    Monitor course completion, badge awardance and overall hours

Consolidated space

  • Store, access and consult all of your professional development resources and activities in one place
  • Invest in individual learning, engage with peers worldwide and analyze progress simultaneously