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Participate Employee Spotlight: Matt Harris

The Participate platform is a great way to communicate and exchange resources with other educators. There are many people involved in maintaining and improving the platform. Matt Harris, a frontend developer, works hard to make sure the website runs smoothly.

Education and early career

Art has been an important aspect in Matt’s life. “I’ve been a visual learner from an early age, sketching drawing and painting were major hobbies for me growing up.” His education revolved around computer animation and software development.

Matt arrived at Participate with six years of experience as a professional developer. During this time he explored various online education tools. He is grateful for this experience because it has allowed him to understand multiple features on the internet. “As an application developer, I gained a wealth of knowledge about real-time communications applications,” said Matt.

What does the work look like?

photo of Matt Harris
An average day for Matt involves working on many different aspects of the Participate platform. “A typical workday usually involves programming work on new features. I also collaborate with teammates on optimizing, testing and writing new code, and investigating and fixing bugs” he said.


With all of the projects he works on, it is understandable there are some challenges he faces in his work. As mentioned above, there are many tasks that must be accomplished in order for the platform to serve its users. “We attempt to assist those in more managerial positions with prioritization and organization of work. This is a truly difficult job,” said Matt.

There may be some challenges, but there are many exciting projects as well. Currently, Matt is working on revamping the communities feature of the platform. When the project is finished, the feature will be more cohesive and easier to use.


Why Participate?

Matt chose to work with Participate because he believes in the mission. “I believe in the mission to ensure equitable and inclusive access to quality education,” he said. He believes that this is accomplished by providing educators with support and tools that will help them succeed. Matt feels that he is using his skills for a cause that he believes in.

The people are also unique at Participate. “Everyone has a unique background and skill set they bring to the table. They want to personally support the organization’s mission” said Matt. He added that other workplaces do not have the support from their employees quite like Participate does.

The future of Participate is bright. Matt believes that the platform will continue to grow in order to support educators. “Participate offers a unique experience providing tailored communities for professional educators,” Matt said. He believes that Participate will be a leader in the future of education.

Do well, do good

Participate’s core value, “Do well, Do good,” inspires Matt to work hard to deliver his best work. He feels that his work is supporting a cause he believes in. He hopes that his work will help improve education and the world.

The Participate platform would not be the same without people like Matt. He cares deeply about providing the best support possible to teachers and administrators. Participate succeeds thanks to employees like Matt.

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