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Participate Employee Spotlight: Murielle Hutchens

Each day, Murielle Hutchens puts administrators, teachers and students first. As a Dual Language Program Manager at Participate, she is constantly working with schools to improve their language immersion programs. She taught in Costa Rica and North Carolina for 14 years, so she understands the needs of teachers and students.

Dual language programs expose students to another language at a young age. Students not only learn more about a different culture, their academic performance is positively affected as well.

Originally from Costa Rica, Murielle came to the U.S. as a Participate dual language teacher. She then taught in Cumberland County Schools for five years. This experience is vital to her current position at Participate.

“I believe I've had a successful career as a teacher in Costa Rica as well as in dual language programs where I taught kindergarten, first and third grade,” said Murielle.

She worked hard as a teacher to help her students and coworkers reach their fullest potential. Murielle understands educational standards and the U.S. education system. This knowledge helps her work well with administrators and teachers.

Murielle visits Participate schools and provides valuable insight into their operation. She helps to ensure rigor and program fidelity. She also introduces leadership programs for teachers and improves school growth.

She plans to further her professional development by learning more about educational leadership.

“It is my professional goal to foster skills related to partnership building, advocacy and communication, at the same time I enhance my cultural competency,” she said.

She will continue to be a leader at Participate so that she can help fellow teachers.

“As a leader, I will continue to learn how to create meaningful agreements with parents, school boards, faculty, community organizations to continue to support my teachers to the best of my abilities,” she said.

Murielle is constantly juggling tasks to help Participate schools. She wants to spend as much time with each school as possible.

“I want to give my best at all times and to all my almost 200 teachers,” she said.

Murielle identifies most with Particpate’s core value: make each other better.

“When people care about the people they work with, success becomes more of a priority,” she said.

This reflects in her work at Participate in the way she values and respects her teammates.

“I believe I work with the best people. Our team is very effective, not only because of our different personalities but our knowledge and skills. We balance each other out!”

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Emma Shell is a marketing intern at Participate.