Participate offers professional development courses that emphasize inquiry-based learning, formative assessment, technology integration, culturally responsive and student-centered teaching strategies.

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Stephanie Affinito


The PLN Project invites educators to cultivate their personal learning network (PLN) to empower themselves as lifelong learners, nurture their professional curiosity and create a connected support system for continued teaching inspiration.

Julie Willcott & Audrey O'Clair

Connecting Literacy and Science

This course provides resources, ideas, and support to connect literacy and science in the learning environment.

National Speech and Debate Association

WORDS MATTER: Speaking & Listening for Diverse Learners

This course is designed to provide strategies and resources to assist educators as they strive to offer speaking and listening opportunities and instruction to all students.

Carl Hooker

Mobile Learning Mindset: A Course for Coaches

This course contains ideas, strategies and tools for instructional technologists, coaches and leaders of professional learning.

Chrissy Romano Arrabito

Quiet Kids Count: Tech Tools to Give Even the Quietest Kids a Voice

This course provides suggestions for effective technology integration to create an environment that will help educators better connect with the quiet kids in our classrooms and allow them to achieve greater success.


Transform Our World: Gender Equality

Explore the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality

Thomas C. Murray & Eric Sheninger

Learning Transformed

In order to prepare today's modern learners for tomorrow's world, we must transform their learning today. What evidence-based keys matter most? Take this course to find out how to transform teaching and learning in your school or district.


Transform Our World: Infrastructure

Explore the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Andrew Marcinek

Designing and Leading Engaging OER Ecosystems

Why should your school or district consider implementing open educational resources?

Evolving Educators: Brad Currie, Billy Krakower, and Scott Rocco

Tell Your Classroom, School, or District Story with Twitter

Tell Your Classroom, School, or District Story with Twitter provides participants with a treasure trove of ideas and resources to take your Twitter game to the next level. Learn how to bring about a sense of pride within the school community through hashtags and tweets. If you don't tell your story, someone else will and could be wrong.

Web 2.0 Classroom

The Tech-Savvy Teacher

Being a Tech-Savvy Teacher is more than just knowing about what tools to use in the classroom. It's about understanding a more holistic, technology-driven pedagogical approach to learning.

Robert Dillon Designs

Designing Brain-Friendly Learning Spaces

This course provides idea and resources on how to rethink your learning space to meet the needs of the modern learner.

LitLife, Inc.

Essential Guided Reading Instruction

In this Guided Reading course, LitLife is pleased to present the What, Why, and most importantly, the How of the most current and effective Guided Reading instruction.


Communication: Carve Every Word Before You Let it Fall

This course will equip teachers with the tools, knowledge, and skills to effectively teach and assess communication. Because communication is such a broad topic, we will focus on oral communication during a public demonstration of knowledge.


Creativity: The Wild Mind and the Disciplined Eye

This course will equip teachers with the tools, knowledge, and skills to effectively teach and assess creativity.

Social Impact Media Awards

Media Literacy: Using film to bring the world into your classroom

How can I integrate film into my lessons to inspire student discussions and learning on global issues?

Monica Burns

Writing Reboot: EdTech for Student Writers Across the Content Areas with Monica Burns

Leverage the power of digital tools to create experiences that empower writers of all ages.


Transform Our World: Responsible Consumption and Production

This course will support you in bringing this issue to life for your students and engaging them in the global goal of responsible consumption and production by 2030.


Transform Our World: Peace and Justice

Explore the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

LitLife, Inc.

2017-2018 The Indispensable Independent Reading Guide: Your How-To Guide for Implementing Effective, Joyful Independent Reading

This course provides foundational reasoning and practical tips for developing stronger, more effective independent reading practices.

Eric Davis and Stephanie Leite, with Global Learning Models

Inquiry and Project-Based Learning 101

This professional development course introduces essential concepts and vocabulary for effective and sustainable practice of inquiry and project-based learning.


Transform Our World: Life Below Water

This course is meant to support and celebrate teachers who want to incorporate World Oceans Day into their curriculum.

Monica Burns

EdTech Reboot: How To Recharge + Energize Your Classroom Instruction with Monica Burns

This course is designed to support educators who are ready to reboot technology integration in their classroom!

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School Transformation

Thomas C. Murray

The course will be structured in a way for you to improve the learning culture in your building or district.

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