Global Education, Language Learning

Participate 2017-18 End of Year Report

Districts and schools partner with Participate to improve teacher retention and student outcomes.

In the 2017-18 academic year, Participate programs spanned three states. There are more than 300 programs in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Read a summary of the impact Participate teachers and programs have on schools and districts, or download the full report here.

Participate Schools

K–12 schools use Participate resources and support for planning, curriculum and instruction. Participate offers a global school model and a dual language (DL) immersion model.


Participate certified peer review aligns best practices in peer review with digital badging. This ensures teachers receive formative feedback on their work.

In the 2017-18 school year, more than 2,000 learning products were peer reviewed in the first year of the program. This demonstrates the program is supporting teachers at scale.


Transforming school vision

Participate school administrators reported integration of global instructional practices. They also reported development of global competencies as part of the core mission of their school.

Changes in instructional practice

Teachers have demonstrated significant change in the integration of global content. In the beginning of the year, 79% of teachers said students discussed world events at least once per grading period. By the end of the year, 94% of teachers reported this happening at least once per grading period.

Bilingual development

In addition to global competence, the Participate schools program embeds target language instruction. This ensures strong foundations in biliteracy development in English, Spanish and Mandarin.


State recognition of global expertise

Sixty-three educators have earned North Carolina’s Global Educator Digital Badge since 2013. Sixty of those used Participate’s professional development (PD) to meet the requirements.

Increased teacher learning and engagement

Teachers in Participate’s global program are more satisfied with their PD, according to the NC Teacher Working Conditions Survey. They also believe it has impact on student learning.

Global competence development

In Participate programs, student technology use increased. Technology was used to engage students in global investigations about current events.

Student achievement gains

Students in DL classrooms outperform their peers in non-immersion classrooms on N.C. EOG tests.

Participate Teachers

Participate’s longest-running program. We recruit, place and support highly qualified international teachers in K–12 schools. Our service area covers North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.


Participate international teachers stay in their host school an average of 4.1 years. They have a higher retention rate in N.C. than teachers who come from other states.


99.1 percent of teachers intend to renew their program participation for the next year. Teachers cited a positive school environment as a reason for renewal. They also cited professional growth and sharing their culture as additional benefits.


Participate teachers continue to be the most effective in the state of N.C. as measured by EOG testing. They expose students to diverse cultural experiences that might otherwise be inaccessible.

To read more about Participate program effectiveness, download the full report.